My name is Georgiana, and I help people to speak English fluently using unconventional methods, though, really efficient ones, suitable for every student.
I consider myself to be a rebel. I am a rebel of the language teaching system. Why? I’ve seen many people trying to learn English with traditional methods and getting poor results.

My conclusion is clear: it’s not the student’s fault. The METHOD is the real problem.

Most language schools use obsolete methods like teaching grammar rules and, unfortunately, the only objective is to obtain a certificate.

This doesn’t help you SPEAK ENGLISH. I’m sure you know many people who have passed the First Certificate or similar and they still experience difficulties when they want to express themselves in English.

One day I decided to rebel myself and start a new mission: always use the best techniques and methods with my students.

No matter if they are unconventional. For me, what matters are the results.

It makes very happy to see how my students improve!

The lessons that I’m using incorporate the Question and Answer and the Point of View technique. These two techniques have been thoroughly tested by many teachers worldwide, and my students have obtained incredible results.


 Pablo, Madrid 

Mariana, Mexico DF

Max, Italy

Oscar Hernán, Colombia 

Alex, Barcelona

Max, Italia and Georgiana

Carmen, Spain

Ricardo, Spain 

Jenifer, Spain

Araceli, Spain

Patricia, Spain