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Speak  English with
my step by step system!
Learn x3 times  faster!

Let's be honest.
The traditional courses to learn English simply don't work.

We all started with good intentions, but after a while ... we quit. Why? Because we do not get results.

We are very enthusiastic about learning English. We did what we were told.
We made time for learning English. "I'm learning English!" We say.  However, we fail to speak.

Moreover, grammar... What can you tell me about it? English grammar is complicated, tedious and very unintuitive! 

Can you imagine every day learning regular verbs and tenses; doing boring exercises ... Still, the traditional language schools insist on this traditional method. 

They insist although it does not work. 

Unfortunately, many students throw in the towel

I have had students who have spent five years, five years! in the official language school. 

However, they cannot speak fluently! This creates a great frustration

A lot! I know because I have had over nine thousand English individual classes online. 

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of students. I've seen everything. 

And I understand you. However, do not worry. There is a solution. 

But before I start talking about it, I want to ask you to be open-minded, because: 

What I am offering is helping thousands of people improve their English.

"I will never speak English" 

This is Carmen's statement, one of my first students.
She was convinced that she could not speak any foreign language

Mother of two children had no time. Still she had tried everything: correspondence courses, language school, watch subtitled films ... 

Her main problem was to speak English fluently. Every time she tried to say something, she was blocked. She made many mistakes, she struggled to translate mentally, and could not have a basic conversation. 

Maybe you've been in this situation. I was worried about Carmen, so I started to use a different method. 

She was a little skeptical, but that changed in a few days. She said that she was noticing progress. Gradually, she stopped translating mentally, and when she spoke it was with more ease

Encouraged by the results, she continued, and now she speaks English fluently and effortlessly. She has started using English at work and has become part of her life. 

Do you know the best thing about this? She did the opposite of what traditional systems dictate. 

My students talking about the method:

Learn with your ears
not with your eyes!

What did Carmen do to improve so quickly?

She did the same like children!

Do you know how small children learn?

Surely, they do not study textbooks

They listen to the same words and expressions repeatedly. And simultaneously, they try to use them.

Children learn with the ears, not with the eyes.

This is how a language is learned in a natural way.

In short, what Carmen did is to listen and to speak a lot.
One of the best ways to do this is through conversations.

Of course, you might hire a private tutor just like me, but ...What if you had an audio designed especially to simulate a conversation?

Let me introduce you ...

The Conversations Simulator

Do not worry. It is not a robot or an android that helps you to practise ;)

These are audio lessons that "simulate" conversations. I usually call them Question and Answer lessons. 

How does this "simulator" work?

Very easy. In the audio, I say a phrase and then I ask simple questions about this phrase.

After every question, I pause: now it is your turn to answer aloud!

After you respond to the question, I give you the correct answer.

This is a continuous process that makes you think more and more in English.

Of course, I do not use only a phrase.

In the lessons, I develop twenty different stories with many phrases.

"...and the penguins
escaped from the zoo."

The penguins George and Peter escaped from the zoo because they were bored and wanted to practice surfing in Hawaii... 

This is one of the 20 mini-stories that you will find in this course. 

Every story contains characters, funny and entertaining situations.

Every story contains a succession of questions and answers. Remember, the "conversations simulator". There are plenty of hours to learn and to entertain yourself.

The stories provide a rich context that helps to remember what you learn.

You only have to listen, participate and to have fun!

With this technique, you have conversations with the audio. Listening to many questions, you answer aloud, listening to the correct answer...

The questions are very easy on purpose, therefore you need to continue. This way English becomes part of you little by little. In a natural way, you think less and less in your mother tongue and more in English.

It is the most similar concept to practising English with conversations!

        ¡Bonus! ¡ Now you can               Learn grammar without 
           studying grammar! 

Learn grammar without studying grammar? Yes, you have read well! The course also incorporates some exclusive lessons.

They are called The Point of View Lessons. Basically, in the audio I explain various story fragments to you several times, changing the linguistic point of view.

For example, I tell the same story to you in past, present and future or in plural and singular.

This system works astonishingly well. It helps you use grammar in an intuitive way and without making errors. 

Therefore, you will not study grammar...

... however, you will learn grammar.

It is the best complement to the "conversation simulator", or the question and answer lessons.

Every lesson contains 4 /5 audio mp3 + transcription (PDF)

The #1 factor which prevents you from speaking English Fluently:

We have said that practising conversation is an extremely effective method.

Although.. Do you know what is the number one factor which prevents you from speaking fluently?

The anxiety. When we try to speak English, we have a mental block. We do this even with our maternal language in stressful situations like: job interviews, speaking in public...
We are afraid that other people may judge our English.

I know what I am talking about. Just like I have said before, I have given more than 9000 classes with hundreds of students.

With the questions and answers programme, you can say goodbye to anxiety.

You will have a conversation with the audio, and you will practise alone. It will not matter if you sound peculiar, if you are wrong or if you have a bad day

You have at your disposal the "conversations simulator" 24 hours a day!

This is how Carmen improved so much her English. Practising every day.

Walking, cleaning, relaxing on the sofa... you can practise everywhere since you only need an mp3 player.

      What's the minimum        level required in order to           take this course?

If you know some English, yet, you have difficulties speaking it, this is your course!

The programme reinforces and consolidates over and over again the most common English structures.

You can read the transcription in English translated into Spanish in two columns, anytime.

Just trust me. I will help you build step by step the necessary fundaments to speak English fluently without translating mentally. 

Most of the time you will be listening and answering questions.

This is how you will acquire the most common speech patterns of English.

All of this in an intuitive way and without grammar, just like native speakers.

With the Questions and Answers technique, you will acquire in a natural and uncomplicated way the basis of spoken English. 

Frankly, I am not a guru and I have no special talents, but I can tell you this:

I offer you a robust, widely tested system which gives extraordinary results.
However, you do not need to believe me, check out what my students say!

This is exactly what you get with the 
Speak English Now Course:

  • 98 mp3 files of original content (+8 hours of audio) in English. Professional audio quality, recorded by Georgiana, founder of www.ProfesoraIngles.com
  • 183-page English transcript + Spanish translation. All the audio is written in English in the left column, and translated into Spanish in the right column.
  • 26 original mini-story lessons. With rich and interesting stories, You will practice speaking, learn grammar and vocabulary effortlessly.
  • 20 original point of view lessons. The same stories, told through different grammar points. You will learn grammar naturally and subconsciously.
  • A complete guide which explains, in detail, how to use the lessons. You will know exactly what to do at each point of your learning process.
  • Enjoy the course on your favorite devices: mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, etc
  • BONUS: Access to the Speak English Now Group! You will have full, free access to the Speak English Now Group, an exclusive Facebook community for students who already enjoy the benefits of using this programme. You will not be alone towards mastering English! Now only for a fraction of the cost of regular classes, you can get all of this! Order now and start learning English in minutes!

Still Not Sure?
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I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Buy The Product right now, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every cent back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


Read more opinions from my happy students:

Miriam Granda
from Madrid

"I don't feel frustrated anymore and now I feel more relaxed every time I speak English. With this method I have started enjoying the process of learning English. Thank you Georgiana!

Carmen from Alovera, Spain

"This course has helped me improve my English fluency in months! I've already recommended the programme to all of my friends and I also suggest it to all of you who want to speak English fluently!

Ricardo Cano from Cuenca, Spain

"I like this method very much. Georgiana's programe is very effective. With her method and her classes I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed.."

I look forward to personally guide you through the course material to help you speak English in the next 20 weeks. We can do it together!

Thank you,
Georgiana Paleanu

If you have any question, send me an email to: info@profesoraingles.com

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